UpdatesNew project management module named AGILE

New project management module named AGILE

Today we come up with our latest an updated module, titled AGILE. This module is specially crafted for smaller organizations and companies varying from small to medium in size. The platform assures more productivity and a smoother workflow with its simplicity and advanced methodologies. This Human-centric module comes with simpler adoption and simpler deployment options. It is just a matter of a few minutes to jump-start an AGILE project with the first sprint along with backlog and assigning to other team members. This new module is going to bring more convenience for small-scale businesses and enterprises.

AGILE is becoming more popular in various industries due to its productivity and growth enhancement capabilities. The need to do faster workflow and growth is more required for the smaller companies that seek faster and more successful progression. The module assures steady growth and better sync in project and employee management. More than 40 groups, methodologies, and companies have offered positive feedback on the best application of this module. There is a handful of principles followed by the module which makes it a catalyst for growth. Such as, the module focuses on people over the work process, offering more accessibility. 

The module also helps to embed customers and their precious feedback to make sure there is a scope for continuous improvement. It helps to break down the whole work process into small segments which helps to execute bigger projects in smaller chunks. Therefore enhanced productivity and efficiency can be noticed. These smaller segments are known as sprints which offer quick feedback and make course corrections even easier. Complete hassle-free and technologically advanced, this module is dedicated to serving individuals and teams regardless of the number of projects. The module does not rush the projects instead focuses on one project at a time. While handling different projects, the module helps to experiment and learn quickly. It ensures more transparency of work and the continuity of the team projects. 

The principles are chosen in a way that helps the module work in all situations. AGILE methodologies work in every field and industry, starting from IT, R&D, Sales, and Marketing as well as HR and Finance. According to the Journal of Operations Management, this module is making a huge contribution to improving operational performance by enhancing both the marketing and financial sectors of the organization. More than 54% of people from various industries have agreed to the fact the Agile approaches can offer more satisfaction, growth, and efficiency. CA Technologies made a survey and found out that the team members who follow and work with the Agile teams and are 95% dedicated to it have witnessed doubled productivity within a short span. The team members who were only 50% dedicated to the projects have witnessed only half of the productivity.

A dynamic and diversified bonding among them can be seen among the team members but when it comes to dedication, there is nothing like AGILE. Quality, predictability, and responsiveness are the elements that help to enjoy the full benefits of agile. It offers a higher percentage of stability along with 40% better predictability, 60% better productivity, and 60% better responsiveness. This also helps to save a lot of expenses as there is no need to employ new members since the team gets capable of handling diversified projects. Instead of selecting, orienting, training, or acculturating new members, it is time to integrate Agile to witness more growth. 

The special feature of Sprints is the main catalyst of productivity. It is short and easy to handle and offers better results when used for short-term plans. The correlation between sprint cycle time and results improves greatly when short-term sprints are utilized. It correlates with 26% more responsiveness, 14% greater productivity, and 8% greater predictability. Usually, the whole organization must be aligned with agile methodology to churn out maximum efficiency. It is an organizational decision that fosters greater support through training, education, and system-wide changes with new and effective work methods. AGILE also contributes to shared mental models as well as helping behaviors as it increases the sharing of information. It improves the flow of information which means greater information density. This offers more agility to the team members, allowing them to support each other through every project. 

AGILE not only improves the business work process as one of the best project management tools but also improves the quality of life for the employees. 88% of respondents from 91 countries and 27 industries reported that agile helps to have a better life by prioritizing people over everything. However, it requires commitment for implementation and it comes from a team effort. The results gained by integrating this management module are great and absolutely worth it when it comes to making steady growth of the organization. CoBrainIt’s latest venture is truly a remarkable contribution that can empower rising foundations, start-up companies, and small-scale companies. 

CoBrainIt has already garnered much attention from businesses of various industries user-friendly interface and scalable project management system. Simplified monitoring, streamlining the whole work process, third-party integration, fast data migration, etc are some of the best features of this project management tool that is praised by many. It is a 100% French solution that is supported by a member of FrenchTech and BPI. This project management module is recommended by many as it helps in Team Management and Meeting Management as well. Offering high-end performance and optimized productivity, it is a reliable name in the market. 


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