UncategorizedCoBrainIt proves itself as the best project management tool for every company

CoBrainIt proves itself as the best project management tool for every company

Paris, France Oct 10, 2022  – The need of managing multiple projects through a smooth process is prior for every other company and CoBrainIt is here to fulfill that priority. It is a European/French project management tool specially built to empower small and medium-sized companies. The tool allows intelligent workflow governance along with hassle-free team collaboration options to make sure every project is done efficiently while analyzing each step. Simple, easy, and highly user-friendly; the tool makes a major transformation in the business modules with better understanding and implementation. The tool is quite flexible and reliable and it is highly recommended for the growth of every business regardless of the industry.

CoBrainIt allows users to create their own projects of different types based on their requirements. There are various options for creating projects such as Classic, Agile, Kanban, and many others. It helps to process checklists and enhances the business workflow while meeting deadlines. Thanks to the proprietary Cobrainit Process users can also have a special module to optimize communication inside the company as well as outside of it. Offering the best features and a whiteboard to design thinking, this tool is definitely bringing more ease and convenience to business processes. All the project history is reflected transparently to improve the unifying effort. The tool also offers access to a unique collaborator module that improves the opportunities for working on collaborative projects helps to reduce time and increases the effort in the process. 

The CoBrainIt System is built while keeping simplicity in mind and the functionality of modules is kept separated to offer several options to choose from. The dynamic of the platform makes it suitable for all kinds of business projects. It is a cloud-based SaaS productivity suite comprised of all-inclusive native features along with built-in functions and unique proprietary processes. As a result, companies, and enterprises are able to manage complex operational functions through all departments. The tool is compatible with all major project management software. Therefore it can be easily integrated and it allows immediate use with buy-in and adoption by end users. Monitoring each project cycle gets even easier with its non-intrusive Start & Stop time tracking tool along with the scheduling engine. The companies are able to keep an eye on the different teams’ agendas, schedules and performance as well.

The tool allows customizable workflow options along with an intuitive interface to acquire a 360° overview of various projects. There are versatile project management methods offered by the tool which are more agile and range from manual to automated options. It also consists of an Innovative Virtual Workplace along with a collaboration module that offers a flexible and efficient work environment. Not only that, but the tool also comes with Easy third-party integration and fast data migration and the result is nothing but high-end performance. Keeping a Plug-and-Play approach for seamless third-party integration; the tool is compatible with existing systems and common software. Its highly adaptive nature can easily resonate with every business module. 

In-depth analysis and real-time reports offered in CoBrainIt come with precise measurements and complete Performance monitoring. Therefore, it helps to identify the places for improvement in every project. With its fruitful implementation, more efficiency can be churned out in future projects. The manual effort for updates, back-end processes, and software deployment can be daunting. Thanks to this tool’s AI-powered algorithms which enhance performance. Catering to the freedom of choice for every user or company, the tool offers customizable project templates in order to create specific roadmaps. Intuitive setup and easy-to-use dashboards help to improve workflow and save valuable time for everyone. 

The Team Management Module in CoBrainIt centralizes communications and facilitates more interactions within the company. As a result, there is no space for communication gaps, misunderstanding, and delays in business projects. There is also a Meeting Management Module which is driven by AI. It helps all the employees anticipate meeting agendas and streamlines their time in order to bring more efficiency to the process. The tool helps to list out the tasks based on their priority and focuses on what is urgent and essential first. With all these advanced features, the tool is a game-changing solution that is compatible with all kinds of business software.

Supported by the member of FrenchTech and BPI, CoBrainIt is a 100% French solution that works for all companies globally. It also comes with an affordable pricing system to make sure every organization is able to take an advantage of it. There are different plans available based on the number of users with annual and monthly subscription plans. It also comes with 30 days of free trial without any hidden cost. Such an amazing tool is great for every business to boost its productivity with the help of an online SaaS solution. The simplified workflow solution is suitable for all kinds of businesses whether big-scale or small-scale. The tool is empowering organizations with better operation management, improved productivity, greater efficiency, a boost in sales, and a great return on investment.

CoBrainIt Project Management tool can be easily availed of from the official website. In case of an inquiry, interested users can complete the online form on the site and submit it for query and the company representative will surely contact the user shortly. The professionals of the agency are ready to guide the users and help them with their queries so they can proceed with the integration of this tool. Being a reliable name in the field of project management software, this tool is trusted by many regardless of the industry. This advanced tool is also compatible with all kinds of devices, making it a very handy option for all kinds of users and employees. The tool is available for special subscription plans where more than 10 users can be part of the system.


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